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We want to give our artists great opportunities!

We are happy to have lots of great talent & want to share their personal pages and other work with you! These artists are professionals and we can't wait to bring you more from them. Supporting Kromore supports them! Submit artwork to raexgames@gmail.com with a link to your work and please include your base fees if they apply. We will only respond to parties we believe are a good fit for Kromore. We do not have the time to respond to all submissions, but will save all submissions in case a future project and your art style fit what we are looking for. If you have submitted in the past and your work has changed significantly you may submit again. Please research our products before submitting.

A freelance artist specializing in visual development, Christopher has been honing his craft since the age of 4. He was that kid in the back of your class doodling epic space operas in the corners of his notebook and making explosion sounds before running home from school to catch Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock. He yearns to be the first artist on Mars, but for now is content to paint other worlds until he can visit them.


Nora Brisotti

A freelance artist we are happy to have on board with our Kromore products. Nora has drawn characters for the Kromore core and multiple images for some of our module adventure books. We are excited to have such a fresh talented artist. Contact Nora for freelance work.