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Kromore 2E Beta

The Kromore 2nd Edition Beta Play test.
70 pgs
Digital Free-Beta Edition
This updated rule-set gives a new way to play Kromore adventures. 

  • Easy dice mechanics

  • Fast Learning Curve

  • Quick pickup and Character Creations under 5 minutes

  • New Mechanics, Professions, and Spells

  • Lots of Storyteller perks and monster creation guides

2E Alpha Playtest

Click to download

Click to download

Current BETA Version 2.2

Get Kromore 1st Edition PDF's @DriveThru RPG

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Blank CS


Official Basic CS 1st Edition

We have an official basic character sheet we think fits all the essentials to 1 page. We also offer an adobe fill in digital character sheet. We recommend these for pre-generated characters at conventions or for storyteller NPC's.

Player Submitted CS 1st Edition

We love this Character Sheet by Aram “Ishkar” Sabatés.
If you have a great character sheet you want to submit to us for use by the public, please share it with us at info@raexgames.com. 

Download Aram's CS

Playtest CS 2nd Edition - BETA VERSION

This is our Beta Character Sheet for the 2nd Edition players guide. This character sheet is very simple and will see changes as the playtest evolves. The current version of this character sheet is 2.0. We can't wait to see the feedback on the 2nd Edition game along with player made character sheets.

2E Alpha Playtest