In Playtesting Now

The new second edition playtest is actively growing closer and closer to a final version. We need testers to keep playing and giving us feedback so we can give you the best version of Kromore possible. Download the free pdf for yourself now or sign into our discord for more opportunities to be a part of the testing and join in on the fun! 

Simplified Dice Mechanics

Second edition uses a skill based success system with d6 dice. Players roll skill dice to determine successes with 5's and 6's. 6's are considered successes and exploding dice where players get to roll again. 1's are bad and burn dice from use on future actions in the players phase.

Conflict Phases & 3 Actions

Players and enemies go back and forth between conflict phases, each side performing all their actions before the other gets their turn. Every player gets 3 actions to perform skills during their phase. Players can combine their actions for one skill 3 times, or use up to 3 different skills for each action. 

Story-Driven Game play

The second edition cuts down on game rules for a more streamlined adventure experience. Players make more strategic role play decisions based on story, rather than for strategic rule requirements. It's all about the story and the player choice. We are really digging into how we deliver fast and efficient tools for story tellers to run more off the cuff adventures with their players that leave more time for gaming and less time prepping.

The New Second Edition System - 2E

3 Action Combat

Move, Attack, Use Abilities, or Skills as you need them with your 3 actions in combat. Use 1 action small weapons to weaken enemy armor in a flurry of attacks, or drop a 2 action large weapon attack to slice through a target and hit home on their life points. 


Actions are not limiting in Kromore and a character is free to use their 3 actions as they want. In addition when using skills players can increase the number of actions used to have a higher chance of succeeding their checks. Combine skills, movement, attacks, and abilities as you want with your 3 actions available.

Character Progression and Options

Choose the profession tier that best fits your character and unlock level after level of custom powers and skills. Change easily to a new profession tier to min/max your character abilities and to make you more versatile in your adventures. There are no penalties for mixing professions and selecting multiple professions is promoted


Personalized Characters

Chose from six different alien races and two dozen custom humanoid races to combine with your background origin path, profession tiers, and abilities. 

Easily create your character with the five attribute options of Muscle, Agility, Intellect, Charm, and Focus. Follow our simple background origin to round out a history and then jump right into playing.

Armory Choices and Versatility

Choose from Heavy or Light Armor and wear the best gear that suits your customized character. Layer multiple defenses for extra protection and modify your gear for specialized bonuses and powers in combat.

The First Edition System - 1E

A Multi Era RPG Tabletop Game Universe




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