A New Multi Era RPG Tabletop Game





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For 10,000 years Kromorians have waged war with realm creature, monster, man, alien, and beast. They have struggled through the eras, but there have been many who light the path of survival with honor, bravery, and blood. Join the history books of Kromore and live the

adventure first hand in this epic new RPG game.



Kromore offers players the opportunity to choose

their game genre and era of play. Start from the

early high fantasy era or launch a game in the later

space eras. Want something different? Try the 

steampunk, medieval, low magic, and victorian eras.

Kromore has detailed timelines, maps, locations,

and historic events to fill in backstory of any chosen

time. Change the history of Kromore in your games

and use the newly changed your players have

molded in the next one they play. 


Kromore allows players and Storytelling GM's to 

pick the appropriate setting their players want 

without changing game mechanics or altering

characters. This not only provides endless gaming, 

but allows (if groups choose) a story to cross

through time in different settings with the same 

characters. No rule changes, no amendments.




The world of Kromore begins during the Era of

the Three Kingdoms, the time of magic, intrigue,

powerful medieval nations, and exploration.

The use of realm Sci-Magic is often seen utilized

by powerful nations to control regions and forge

powerful weapons, but not without its consequences. The explosive use of Sci-Magic tears gaps in the parallel realms of monsters, shadows, and demons. The creatures heavily fill the dark recesses of Kromore and are constant battles for Kromorians.

In an attempt to solve the tear in the realms magic wielders performed a powerful spell that backfired and drew a comet to Kromore. When the star comet fell from space and crashed into Kromore's moon in the year 0 ASC it nearly destroyed all life on Kromore as it rained debris down on the unsuspecting planet.


The dust and darkness that followed lasted 100 years. 100 years of bloodshed, violence, and destruction as the darkest creatures of the realms walked the earth of Kromore decimating what was left of the Three Kingdoms. An end of an era meant the beginning of a new one...The Age of Man.


The Age of Man (Medieval low fantasy)

When the darkness settled and the first beams of light shown through,

Kromorian man began rebuilding its empires. The decendents of the

Three Kingdoms had lost most of their heritage and now clung to

survival. Tribes began to form as territories were claimed under

new leadership. Nations grew out of factions and commerce once

again began as ships sailed between continents and either warred with

or traded with their neighbors. In search of new lands and better

technology of war the advancement of man grew again.

Stronger steel and unique mechanical technology soon

became the new weapon of Kromore as the age of Steam & Steel was born.



The Age of Steam & Steel 1800 ASC-2145 ASC

Ships soon took sail in the sky as steam technology brought war above

the nations. A new bread of  ideals were formed over the centuries as wars 

collapsed nations and new allegiances were born out of bloodshed.

As steam technology grew a Victorian pride was generated amongst

Kromorian man. The advancement of science, literature, and hope washed

over Kromore. Despite the many advancements war still clouded the planet

as nations fought over land and resources for their ever growing

technological needs. A split in ideals between nations near the end of the

era began.


Those that wanted to socialize politics and

economics into a single controlled entity and

those that wanted free trade and commerce based

on individual nations. The Victorian free thinkers

attached themselves to steam technology and soon

began a rebellion against the sweeping arm of the

advancing technological and socialistic nations.

The largest of which was the Kalin Parliamentary Order.







With extreme advancements and alien technology the K.P.O. advanced far beyond the rest of the planet in a short number of years. Their Nuclear Steam Technology became more efficient and easy to mass produce compared to the rest of the planets Steam Transfer Technology. Those that refused to follow the Order's visionary future were known as Steam Rebels. Terrorist and rebellious conflicts soon began occurring throughout the nations as both sides fought for their goals of Kromore's future.

























With technology advanced to plasma weaponry and faster than light realm technology, Kromore began its transition into the Space era. The oncoming of Alien attacks from the Chorin and occupation by the Prime left the Kromorian Alliance spread thin throughout the galaxy. The two thousand years of the space era were fought on planets, land, in space, and deep under the sea as galaxies collided in a massive full scale war.